Garlic oil brings a dish togther

This is a staple in my meal rotation. I always have frozen white fish on hand, rice in my pantry, instant pot black beans in the freezer.

This satisfying dish packs a powerful flavor punch and you can dress it up as much or as little as you like.

Per portion:

  • 3-5 oz. of your favorite whitefish cooked with a fiesta lime style seasoning (I use the air fryer and no fat added during cooking)

  • 1 c. cooked white or brown rice

  • 1/2 c. or more of black beans

  • 2 tsp raw garlic oil (using a garlic press push up to 4 large cloves into 3 tbsp of olive oil)

  • corn kernels if desired


  • green onion

  • cilantro

  • avocado

  • fresh lime juice