Just a little home organization helps bring more calm

You may have read or heard me say before my creative mind doesn’t naturally think in an organized manner. “Mess” doesn’t really bother me all that much. it bothers others but I am the one that has to live with myself so I am not bothered that it bothers others. HA!

I hired someone to work on parts of my home last year such as my office, pantry and bedroom because I didn’t know how to wrap my brain around how to get them in order.

What I did tackle myself recently are things no way in heck would I allow anyone else to organize and that is my kitchen and my toiletries.

My seasonings, a possible spice hoarder here (but I use them ALL), were just a virtual nightmare. Those I decided to alphabetize.

My linen closet has two shelves that I use for my toiletries and those I grouped by use (hair care, hot tools, face wash and moisturizer, toner and treatments, first aid, body care and dental). I designed labels to fit each chosen method of storage and got to work!

For labels I used these from Avery https://amzn.to/2N8oYy8. With a utility knife (I use these https://amzn.to/2O3aHmh) and a no slip cork backed ruler (I use this one https://amzn.to/2AbGedn), I cut them quickly and easily into the perfect size. No messing with margins and whatnot.

Pull out clear bins are fridge can storage holders from dollar tree. I bought a case from the site and they can ship it to your store. It may take a week or two so keep that in mind before you start taking your cabinet apart. I used 14 of the 24 between the main spice cabinet, a couple others in a different cabinet and a few in the pantry closet. Because the front section is open there is just a narrow space to label. Hence why I designed my own. Leave a comment if you’re interested in buying my labels and I will put them in the etsy shop for $2. If you want to make your own for your dollar store can storage containers, use measurements 3.5” x .75”.