Yoga sneakers? And what size running shoe to buy?

I bought these yoga sneakers a few days ago. I put lots of miles on my athletic shoes with outdoor fitness and the time has come to replace two of my five pair.

I like the smart fresh look of the sock sneaker trend. Even better I LOVE the feel of them. They are lighter in weight than my already relatively light trainers ! Bouncy memory foam and cooling mesh.


I will suggest going up a size if you are doing any more than a little skipping around town. You will need a no show sock to prevent blisters. I always ALWAYS go up a size in any shoe I am wearing for athletics to prevent pinching, binding, swelling discomfort and blistering. That rule of thumb has never failed me.

I will say the concept of calling shoes “yoga sneakers” isn’t something I can wrap my head all the way around. I mean, we do yoga barefoot. These don’t FEEL like being barefoot. That’s not to say I haven’t done a warrior pose in full on running gear and liked it.

So I went with these beauties after doing some research and they did not disappoint! TIOSEBON Women's Walking Sock Shoes. I am buying another pair in black I love them so much. They have a nice large range of sizes too so taller women like me can easily go up a size and not worry it won’t be available.

Warrior pose and jogging approved.


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