A great yarn for summer weather

I picked up some LB collection cotton bamboo yarn and it’s a delight for warm weather knitting and crochet projects!

It’s whisper light and has a slight paper fiber feel which I liken to comparing an oak cutting board to a bamboo cutting board. The bamboo is so much lighter. It’s soft with a great drape as I work it up into this top.

I would recommend only using metal or plastic hooks and needles with this yarn due to the fiber. Wood hooks will grab too much.

It’s been a long time since I had crepe paper streamers in hand but that is the type of drape I am getting from this yarn the further along I get into the pattern.

The colors remind me of the slightly muted shades of straw hats and bags I see when visiting the Caribbean. Vibrant but slightly muted. It makes them good for transitional season styles as well as full on steamy hot summer looks.

lbvolleciton edit.jpg