The fall cozy pumpkin blanket wrap

This pattern is more of a guideline to how I made this blanket wrap out of caron latte cakes that I had on hand from 2018. This yarn is meant for all the things that touch our skin and keep close to our body. I wasn’t keeping track of counting when I made it but it’s easy to recreate.

It is a tricky yarn to work with. I will give tips along the way to make it work for beginners. This is a forgiving pattern so you don’t have to be precise.

The starting chain will be the width of your wrap. Mine is about 7’ long and very generous. It may be too much for smaller statures but I am 5’11 and most wraps and shawls feel skimpy and won’t keep me warm when being cozy at home on the sofa.

You will need:

Two colors of caron latte cakes yarn. If you’re making an average-sized wrap (5’ or so) two skeins may be enough. I used two cakes of pink melon (color 1) and one cake of coconut cream (color 2).

Tip with this yarn: For joining colors or a new skein of yarn leave a 14-16” tail and work it into the stitches as you go (not just along the chain below but using your hook to work it into new stitches vs. weaving it in at the end for a more secure method with this slippery yarn. Because of the texture and self striping it will blend nicely.

M crochet hook

This is a 5 row repeat, starting and ending with color 1.

pumpkin wrap instruct.jpg

Starting chain to the length you want your finished wrap to be. I did about 203-205. This is a stretchy yarn and will have some weight to it so keep that in mind when starting your base chain. Use color 1 for your base chain.

Continue with color 1.

Row 1: DC in the second chain from hook then every stitch until you reach the end. Ch 2 and turn.

Row 2: DC in the first stitch. Skip next stitch then do a wrapped double crochet in next stitch. (see video below if you aren’t familiar with this stitch). Skip next stitch then repeat the wrapped double crochet continuing this until the last two stitches remain. Do a double crochet in the last stitch. Ch 2 turn.

Row 3: DC in first stitch and across entire row bringing in color 2 for the last loop you pull thru. Chain two and without cutting color 1 bring it up into the next row. This yarn is tough to weave in so I want to make as few weaving in pieces as possible. You will not cut color one until the end of your project. Keep bringing it up the side when you change to color 2.

Row 4: Using color 2 make one DC in first stitch. Skip next stitch then wrap double crochet into the next stitch and every other stitch until you reach the last stitch. DC in last stitch. Chain two and turn.

Row 5. Repeat row 4.

Row 6- . Repeat rows 1-5 until desired width finishing with a row 5.

Finishing: Attach fringe or single crochet then double crochet border to the short side.