To blend or not to blend. Cotton yarn.

I will say it as my opening statement, I do not enjoy nor do I understand blending unnatural fibers with cotton.

I think of all the ways we chose cotton, or maybe just the ways I chose it. I have gone on and on about cotton for summer garments, or in my case spring, summer and fall due to my warm climate. Why would I use a blend to take away breathablity? I don’t find it helps much with structure either.

I just finished a poncho top with Lion Brand’s comfy cotton blend. The yarn isn’t very soft, in fact at times it feels rough working with it, it doesn’t drape all that well and is even a little itchy.

I did a shot before I finished adding fringe and weaving in all the little bits. I do plan to use it for the beach but with the unnatural fibers blended in it’s not cool against the sun rays like all cotton is.